About Us

Hi, I’m Emma Burton, the owner of Purely Pregnant. It’s lovely to meet you! 

It’s my intention, passion and purpose to help you to have the positive, empowering and amazing birth you and your baby deserve.

What does this mean exactly?  It means that no matter who you are or what your unique fears, doubts, hopes and dreams may be, you have the choice and the ability to significantly influence your experience of birth.

How?  By deciding to PREPARE for your birth both physically and mentally.

I believe that the only thing that stands between you and YOUR best birth is a single decision. 

That decision is the commitment to prepare for your birth in a proven, effective way – underpinned by scientific principles.

The right preparation will give you the ability to stay calm, focused and mentally in control – regardless of whether you have a natural water birth or, due to special circumstances, might need to take a more medicalised approach.

We are recognised for delivering down to earth, effective and compassionate classes and courses. 

With decades of experience between us, we help pregnant women just like you, release their anxieties, doubts and fears – replacing them with genuine confidence and SO much excitement for birth and parenthood. 

And it’s exactly the same for you – the action you choose to take (or not) can make all the difference between a disappointing, negative or ‘I don’t EVER want to do that again’ experience or a supremely positive high point in your life.

It’s my sincere commitment to help you have the most incredibly positive, inspiring, healthy, confident and calm pregnancy and birth.  

Through our HypnoBirthing courses and Pregnancy Yoga classes, you’ll learn practical tips and tools that you can start to use RIGHT NOW -wherever you might be in your pregnancy.

Warmest Wishes,


Meet the Purely Pregnant Team