Nurture, prepare & enjoy the journey from conception to parenthood

We are here to incite calm through the whole journey of pregnancy, birth & beyond

Pregnancy is a time like no other during your life. Equal parts joy and apprehension, delight and overwhelm, for many parents-to-be (whether for the first, second or third time…), it’s a time to seek out other expectant parents in a way that helps to meet the needs of the ever-changing pregnant body.

Our Pregnancy Yoga classes offer a space to connect with a community of expectant pregnant people to share support and wise words.

Our Mum & Baby Yoga classes offer a space to connect with others differently – with your baby. These classes will engage both you and your baby in the practice, the poses are designed to gently re-strengthen the post-natal body after months of pregnancy and birth and stretch those areas that inevitably become tight from looking after your new baby. In some of our classes we have tea and biscuits too, what’s not to like!

Wherever you are on this crazy journey to parenthood, we hope to see you in class soon!

We also run free monthly online HypnoBirthing Taster Sessions and HypnoBirthing courses.

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